Adam Lenox

Lingua Nada - Shapeshift

Written, produced, recorded, mixed and mastered.


Shapeshift EP


“Lingua Nada doesn´t care about your mental and auditive health”

  • Alternative News

“It sounded like nothing known on this planet, it was totally metronomic and super fresh”

  • dicodelemo

“a breath of fresh air in the indie world”

  • Liveamp

“What´s the difference beetween Snarky Puppy, Tera Melos, Basement, Kaaris and all your favorite grunge bands ? Everything. But that was before Lingua Nada shows up from the deepest core of the internet with Shapeshift, a first EP that mixes almost everything you loved in the past 5 years. You´re not ready and they don´t care. Best underrated band of the year”

  • Octobertone

“Grunge-Teenies machen Surfrock auf einer kruden Mischung aus Gras und Energydrinks. Keine Wiederholungen. Keine Langeweile. Sehr gut!”

  • Tiggerfish

“Die derzeit geilste, heißeste und attraktivste Progressive-emo-math-porn-surf-punk-postrock-Kapelle der Stadt”

  • Musikreviews

“Lingua Nada machen Pop-Musik für die Zukunft.”

  • Prettyinnoise

“absolutem Distortion-Wahnsinn”

  • Carsten Sandkämper